A bespoke suit can be a man's greatest gift to himself. THE MENS SHOPPE is a full-service store offering Custom-Tailored, Made-To-Measure suits and dress shirts offered at reasonable prices.

We will take up to twenty five measurements for a suit before sending you on your way. You'll then return for a second fitting. We are looking at a four/five week process. Prices are as follows:

Fused Suit: $899.99

Half-Canvassed Suit: $1,199.99

Fused Jacket: $599.99

Half-Canvassed Jacket: $899.99

Pant: $349.99

Vest: $349.99

Shirt: $229.99


Fused vs. Canvas

Inside every canvased suit jacket, between the cloth and the exterior cloth and the lining, lies the secret of its shape; a layer of cloth called the canvas.  Canvas is sewn into the suit so that it echoes the curve of the chest, gives the lapel its roll, and in a sense, determines the very integrity of the jacket. Fusing is a less expensive process, in which a synthetic interling is heated by machine until it adheres to the exterior fabric and provides the jacket with its rudimentary shape. Althogh fusing has long been deemed inferior to canvasing, this is no longer universally so. Improvements in fusing technology have made it possible to create fused suits that fit better than some canvased ones. Never, however, offer this opinion to a tailor, unless he be of a robust constitution.


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