It's easy to dismiss the pocket squares as trendy, but the fact is that a cer...tain kind of man-the well-dressed kind-has always had one at the ready to sub in for a necktie. *Colour: White goes with everything, of course, but for one that stands out and ages extraordinarily well, start with a silk square in a dark shade, or one that highlights a simple colour in your tie or shirt. Choose by trial and error or enlist the help of an adept salesperson. *Fold: fold it with points or straight across, or pinch it in the centre and stuff the point into your breast pocket for a slightly jauntier look. The bankers straight edge (you know, like Connery's James Bond used to wear) should be sharp enough that you can shave with it. Press in those edges as you fold. Because the breast-pocket edge of a suit is generally cut on the slant, your pocket square may not line up when you place it in your pocket. Our advice: cheat. Use a safety pin to hold the square in place.

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The Days of Summer Style 

Everything you need to start enjoying your summer right now

Three Ways of Layering

LEFT: Afternoon social turned late-night barbecue ...
Linen-and-cotton jacket, puffer, cotton shirt, cotton jeans and suede moccasins.

MIDDLE: Full day on the boat
Nylon jacket, cotton chinos, cotton shirt, cotton T-shirt and boat shoes.

RIGHT: Early tee time turned leisurely lunch
Cotton sweater, cotton shirt, cotton shorts and canvas sneakers.
...more to come

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Style Icons (continued)

Samuel Beckett, writer

Any writer who denies fantasizing about being Samuel Beckett is either lying or not a writer. To roam the Paris streets as an expat, to join the French Resistance, to meet fans in the coffee shop of the Hotel PLM St. Jacques—and that’s just the man himself. His work, more worshipped than appraised, strips characters of everything from plots to scenery, leaving them to face the nothingness from where they came. Beckett himself looked like something from the void. A timeless figure, both ancient and modern, traditional and (whether he liked it or not) hip, he favored black (which ignited his blue eyes) and wool or tweed coats that could have come from any number of centuries.

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Style Icons (continued)

The Ramones

It’s not just that the Ramones made their awkward geekiness look cool; it’s when they did it. In April 1976—as the Bee Gees climbed the Billboard charts—Sire Records released Ramones, fourteen fast tracks of three-chord noise carried by the incomparable voice of Joey Ramone. He stood on the cover in what would become punk’s immortal uniform: filthy Keds, torn jeans, and a black leather biker jacket. Fifty-two blocks down from Studio 54, a tiny club called CBGB was giving the unknown band gigs. The block has been renamed Joey Ramone Place. The Bee Gees have been given no such honor.

• A Leather biker jacket should be snug and trim. Buy one a size smaller than you normally would and you’ll look like a rock star. Trust us.

...more to come

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