6 Ridiculously Easy Suit Upgrades (Continued)

2. Tell Your Barber: “We're Trying Something Different Today”

The right haircut pulls together any look. We like a side part, but longer on top. Ask your barber for a natural clipper fade on the sides, and tell him to leave about three and a half inches on top. Request extra texturizing to pump up the volume.

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6 Ridiculously Easy Suit Upgrades

Maybe your old suits need a little CPR. Or maybe you just copped a brand-new number and want to trick it out to the fullest. Either way, these are the sartorial innovations that'll maximize any suit's potential.

Yo, Check It! Your Solid Shirts Need an Upgrade

Making a suit feel totally now is all about unexpected details. So grab some slick graph-check shirts; they've got more zip than solids or pinstripes.

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5 Ways To Boost Your Style (Continued)

5. Don’t Forget Your Accessories

This really is the simplest way to upgrade your autumn/winter style. You’d be surprised how much a perfectly chosen hat, scarf or pair of gloves can lift a look.

It terms of what accessories to buy, it comes down to personal preference, but my best advice would be to try on as many items as you can before settling on one.

Key picks for this season are beanies that fit close to your skull with a roll at the lip, big oversized wool scarves in a winter pattern, brown leather gloves and a neutral but substantial umbrella (none of this turning inside out in the wind nonsense).

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The Fall 2013 Fashion Preview (Continued)

The Big Coat

Neither rain nor snow nor poor choice in outerwear should slow you down when the weather turns, and many labels are doubling down on substantial coats that reach all the way to the knee and beyond. And thanks to expert tailoring and construction, they still flatter and fit.