Men’s Style Lessons For 2014 (Continued)

4. Pretty Green

Green was extremely popular last year, but it appears to be even more so this time around.

Emerald was a big colour trends, but for 2014 every other dark shade of green is being pushed – from olive to forest green.

I’ll be honest, I’ve only ever liked green as an accent colour – such as a cardigan/jumper under a blazer – but after seeing the ways it has been worn I’m starting to come around to it.

A dark green suit would make a great investment for this coming winter, especially in a flannel or worsted wool. Pair it with blue, grey, white and brown for the ideal twist on a cold-weather classic.

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Men’s Style Lessons For 2014 (Continued)

3. Mix Up A Three-Piece

A three-piece suit has always been one of the most versatile items a man can own.

It’s perfect for those moments when you need to look on point, be it business or casual, but the real benefit of this suit lies in the amount of combinations it provides when utilised as separates.

I can regularly be found leaving the jacket at home and wearing the trousers and waistcoat with a chambray shirt and knitted tie. But the look I liked most this year saw the jacket and waistcoat being paired with complementary chinos.

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Men’s Style Lessons For 2014 (Continued)

2. Pick A Bold Scarf

This is an accessories trend that has been developing for a while now, but it was particularly prevalent this year.

Whether it’s a lilac cashmere scarf paired with a grey suit or a polka dot silk version combined with a checked blazer, try contrasting a coloured/patterned scarf against the rest of your outfit this season.

They offer an effortless and inexpensive way to add individuality and flair to your looks.

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Men’s Style Lessons For 2014

1. Blues On Blues On Blues

Or, specifically, wear more navy together. You’ll have a hard time finding a colour that is more masculine or versatile. It’s a flattering hue for all skin/hair tones and communicate...s sophistication and style effortlessly.

The key to successfully pulling off a single colour ensemble is to make sure that you vary the texture of the items you are wearing.

For example, why not pair some indigo jeans with a navy Oxford cloth shirt and a navy tweed jacket? Although all of these fabrics and textures are different from one another, helping create definition between each piece, their heavyweight nature ensures they are seasonally-appropriate and extremely complementary.

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The 25 Most Stylish Men of 2013 (Continued)

3. Eddie Redmayne

Simply put, we can’t think of another young actor who killed it so consistently on the red carpet in 2013. Redmayne has established himself as an expert when it comes to how a suit should fit and his sleek Burberry suits and McQueen tuxes made every other guy look like he could use a trip to the tailor. Mix that with a fearlessness of bold plaids, tweed three-piece rigs, and the ability to layer like the best of them, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Redmayne is gunning for the top of this list in 2014.

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